What is a Cavern Dive?

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What is a Cavern Dive?
The cavern zone is the transitional area between the open water area of
the Cenote and the dark zone of the Cave.

A Cavern dive is different from both an Open Water dive and a Cave dive.

Cavern diving is a unique experience which gives you a taste of Cave diving while remaining safely close to the entrance and open water at all times.

The Cavern Limits:

Ambient Light must be visible from the entrance at all times.
The large Cavern openings at most of the sites allow plenty of light penetration which means you can safely explore the most extensive Cavern zones in the world.
Maximum penetration from the nearest open water 60m / 200ft
Unique to this area there are multiple entrances at most of the Cavern sites which means that you can dive long distances past various Cenotes while remaining safely in the Cavern zone close to an exit at all times. Typical dive times are 45 minutes long.
Maximum Depth 21m / 70ft
The Caverns of the Riviera Maya tend to be very shallow with average depths of 6 to 10m / 20 to 35ft. This means that you can enjoy long dive times without having to worry about using up your air quickly, too short no decompression times or problems with nitrogen narcosis or oxygen toxicity.
In addition to the natural advantages enjoyed by the of the Caverns of the Riviera Maya listed above we need to mention 3 more compelling reasons for diving here:
Warm water
Minimum Water temp in the Cavern is a high 25C / 76F all year round so no need for bulky uncomfortable drysuits and short dive times due to discomfort from getting too cold.
Great Visibility
The water is crystal clear with average visibility is in the order of 60m / 200ft so that you can see more of what you came to see.
Dive all year round
The conditions in the caverns change very little throughout the year and can be dived all year round so you do not have to worry about planning your cavern diving trip around seasonal limits.

Cavern Diving: A new diving experience
Cavern Diving is different from open water diving as you will be diving in an overhead environment without direct access to the surface during portions of the dive.

For this reason it is very important that you only Cavern Dive with a properly certified guide who will give you a thorough pre dive briefing which will include the procedures and safety rules to ensure that your dive is both enjoyable and safe.

If you wish to dive in the Caverns of the Riviera Maya without a guide then you will first have to complete a
Cavern Diver Course where you will learn all the skills and knowledge to dive safely in this environment.

If you wish to Cave Dive then further training and specialist equipment beyond the Cavern Course will be required to do so safely.

The only danger in Cavern Diving is, that like us you may never want to leave!
Map of the Caverns
Cavern Diving Standards